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1st month

Subscribers to the ‘Boot Camp Classified’ will learn more about the boot camp program, and the learning experience it provides. Plus, you will learn some fun phrases that you can practice during the Boot Camp. They will come in handy!
(Free for 30 days only!)

2nd month

Boot camp begins, with online preparation starting. Online classes with your teachers, and more online learning material released!

3rd month

More preparation continues, but only for boot camp members. You will receive video updates and other fun material daily to help your prepare and get excited.

End of May

It’s boot camp time! 3 nights and 4 days of English immersion!

After the boot camp

Catch up with your teachers online one last time after the camp. Share what you learned, and how you’ve continued learning after the camp. Get excited about the next one too!

Recommended English level

“I want to join, but I don’t know if my English is good enough!”

Does that sound like you? Don’t worry! If you’re reading this, then you’re ready!

The ideal participant has an intermediate or above level of English, and be confident in oral communication to experience the full benefits of the camp. Language proficiency is assessed in a questionnaire and online.

However, anyone with a good attitude can attend! There are always a wide range of participants in the camp, so don’t worry. For both lower and upper level learners, there are opportunities to learn. With lots of teachers as well, you will always get personal teaching too. So, don’t be shy and don’t let your own experience hold you back. You can do it!

The program is ideal for both individuals and groups. Staff will do their best to accommodate groups who wish to remain together.

The ideal participant for the boot camp will:

What's included and not included in the camp


Not included:

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With this rare Boot-Camp style learning experience, we hope you gain the knowledge to have fun with English, no matter where you are! To achieve this, we came up with a few resources to learn before even step foot on the island. There’s lots of free content so don't hesitate to sign up even if you are still on the fence about joining!

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